Who We Are

Lola Fatoyinbo

Dr. Lola Fatoyinbo is a remote sensing research physical scientist at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) that collaborates on mangrove research and conservation initiatives. Current projects she is leading are the Carbon monitoring System (CMS) project for Total Carbon Estimation in African Mangroves & Coastal Wetlands in Preparation for REDD & Blue Carbon Credits funded by NASA.

lagomasino2Dr. David Lagomasino is a remote sensing scientist at NASA GSFC and an Assistant Research Professor at the University of Maryland (UMD). With a background in coastal hydrogeology, he is concerned with land-water-atmosphere carbon cycle interactions of transitional coastal environments. David is working to improve monitoring, reporting, and verifying of Coastal Blue Carbon ecosystems in collaboration with local and international partners.

leeDr. Seung Kuk Lee is a scientist at NASA GSFC on contract with UMD. Many of his interests include mangrove forest structure, height, and biomass modeling through the use of digital beamforming SAR systems, algorithm development with Pol-InSAR, and the data fusion of GEDI (lidar) and TanDEM-X (SAR). He collaborates with a variety of stakeholders in mangrove science using advanced remote sensing techniques.


Dr. Celio Resende De Sousa is a post-doc research scientist with NASA GSFC and received his doctorate from Oregon State University in Forest Ecosystems & Society. He has been using his skill set to help our team model tropical landscapes and coastal ecosystems.

ctrettinDr. Carl C. Trettin is a Supervisory Research Soil Scientist and Team Leader at the US Forest Service Southern Research Station under the Center for Forested Wetlands Research. He is concerned with carbon cycle science in forested wetlands.
simard Dr. Marc Simard is a Senior Engineer in JPL’s Radar Science & Engineering Section. His research focuses on advancing radar and lidar remote sensing techniques to quantify 3D vegetation structure, biomass, and ecosystem richness.
nathan_thomas6.jpgDr. Nathan Thomas is our most recent postdoc at NASA GSFC Biospheric Sciences Laboratory. His research focus utilizes remote sensing data to understand and monitor wetlands. Through the fusion of ESA Sentinel-1 radar, USGS Landsat multispectral, and JPL UAVSAR imagery he works to monitor seasonal changes in biomass throughout the U.S. His PhD research mapped and monitored mangroves in the tropics using open source software.

BaltezarPriscilla Baltezar is a recent graduate of Humboldt State University with a B.S. in Environmental and Geospatial sciences. She is a recent addition as faculty assistant at the NASA GSFC Biospheric Sciences laboratory. Her interests are to utilize multi-scale remote sensing to identify and model wetland and tropical forest land cover.She is currently managing the MangroveScience website and has collaborated in previous projects developing spectral index algorithms to identify mangrove cover in Gabon, Tanzania, and Mozambique coasts.


Selena Chavez is a recent graduate of University of Maryland College Park  with a B.S. in environmental science and policy and is currently a student research intern at NASA GSFC. Her research interests include land cover modeling and monitoring of coastal wetlands and ecosystems.

Website_Picture (1)Liza Goldberg is a 10th grade student intern for the NASA Biospheric Sciences Lab. Her research interests include remote sensing of mangroves and coastal wetlands, analysis of land cover/land use change due to anthropogenic and natural based disturbances, and the use of Earth observations to inform decision-making and encourage sustainable development. She is currently developing the Risk Evaluation for Mangroves Portal (REMaP), an interactive Google Earth Engine platform that aims to establish a global network of mangrove vulnerability monitoring and risk assessment.


African Blue Carbon – Carbon Monitoring Systems

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Caltech Jet Propulsion Laboratory
United States Forest Service: International Programs


United States Forest Service: International Programs
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center


NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Florida International University
Florida Coastal Everglades – Long-Term Ecological Research
University of South Florida
Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission

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