Conference Presentations

Very High Resolution Mangrove Canopy Height
TanDEM-X Global Mangrove Canopy
Modeling mangrove biomass using remote sensing based age and growth

Relevant Scientific Publications

A Comparison of Mangrove Canopy Height Using Multiple Independent Measurements from Land, Air, and Space

Carbon stocks of mangroves within the Zambezi River Delta, Mozambique

The Mangroves of the Zambezi Delta: Increase in Extent Observed via Satellite from 1994 to 2013

Composition, biomass and structure of mangroves within the Zambezi River Delta

Soil properties of mangroves in contrasting geomorphic settings within the Zambezi River Delta, Mozambique

High-resolution forest canopy height estimation in an African blue carbon ecosystem

Landscape-scale extent, height, biomass, and carbon estimation of Mozambique’s mangrove forests with Landsat ETM+ and Shuttle Radar Topography Mission elevation data

Height and biomass of mangroves in Africa from ICESat/GLAS and SRTM

Advanced Land Observing Satellite Phased Array Type L-Band SAR (ALOS PALSAR) to Inform the Conservation of Mangroves: Sundarbans as a Case Study

Spatial and temporal variability in spectral-based surface energy evapotranspiration measured from Landsat 5TM across two mangrove ecotones

Estimating major ion and nutrient concentrations in mangrove estuaries in Everglades National Park using leaf and satellite reflectance

Component-specific dynamics of riverine mangrove CO2 efflux in the Florida coastal Everglades

Assessing Mangrove Above-Ground Biomass and Structure using Terrestrial Laser Scanning: A Case Study in the Everglades National Park